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Harshitha C

Academic background

        I completed my BSc from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore and MSc from IIT Gandhinagar.

Supervisor Details

Dr. Venketasubramanian C G works in the area of representation theory of p-adic groups. His research focuses on the study of branching laws of representations of p-adic groups. In particular, he is interested in distinguished representations of p-adic groups. Dr. Venketasubramanian obtained his PhD from University of Hyderabad. After spending one semester at IIT Bombay, he spent a year as a post-doctoral fellow (CNRS) at Universit’e de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines after which he had a stint as a PBC post-doctoral fellow at Ben Gurion University of the Negev at Beersheba, Israel.


Our research interest lies in the area of representation theory of p-adic groups. Group representation theory is an important branch of modern mathematics, both as a subject in its own right and as a tool in solving many problems related to number theory, geometry and the like.

If G is a p-adic group and H a subgroup, the behavior of restriction of a representation of G to H has been a central problem in representation theory of p-adic groups. Our interests lie in the study of such restrictions. This topic is at the crossroads of many areas of mathematics including number theory, harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces and is inside the broad framework of the ‘ Langlands program.’

Report on TA work carried out

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, teaching in an external college could not be undertaken. In order to compensate, extra TA duties were done within the institute. Details are as follows:

Place of work: IISER Tirupati

Nature of work: The work involved conducting regular tutorial sessions, addressing students” queries and assisting underperforming student, invigilation/proctoring duties and assessment of exam papers.

Dates when this work was carried out: MTH314- Linear Algebra (Aug 2021-Dec 2021), MTH222- Basic structures in mathematics(Jan 2022- May 2022), MTH221- Probability and Statistics(Jan 2022- May 2022)

Planned work in case this work is not carried out: Since external teaching was not done this year, we wish to compensate in the next academic year by taking up teaching activities twice a week in a nearby engineering college. The intended work is to conduct classes to enhance the students” knowledge of various mathematical topics present in their curriculum(namely various topic in linear algebra and calculus).