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Safety Guidelines

IISER Tirupati is committed to ensuring the health and the safety of every individual working in the institute. We strive to make the necessary arrangements for everyone’s safety within the institute. However, no safety measures are of use unless there is active cooperation of the individual under concern. Therefore, we urge everyone to follow the safety policies and regulations of the institute. The institute safety manual along with those for individual departments can be found in the links below.

  • Safety Manual for the IISER Tirupati [Download]
  • Safety Manual for the Department of Biology [Download]
  • Safety Manual for the Department of Chemistry [Download]
  • Safety Manual for the Department of Physics [Download]
If you have any queries regarding the safety guidelines, or if you notice some safety issues within the institute premises, kindly contact one of the following members of the Safety Committee:

Gopinath Purushothaman

Discipline: Chemistry
Phone: 413
E-mail user id: gopi

Suchi Goel

Discipline: Biology
Phone: 447
E-mail user id: suchi

S. Sunil Kumar

Discipline: Physics
Phone: 449
E-mail user id: sunil