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We have a well-equipped gym on the campus. The facilities include both Cardio and Strength exercises. In the Cardio room, we have treadmills, spin bikes. In the Strength section, we have equipment such as dumbbells of different weights, barbells, plates, bars, bench-press, chest-press, leg-press, leg-extension, leg-curling, lat-pulley rowing, decline benches, and lat pull-down machine, to list a few.


Considering the hot climate of Tirupati, our gym is fully air-conditioned. We also have a trainer for newcomers. The help of the training person can be obtained in the morning and also in the evening. The gym facility and the training are absolutely free of charge for the students, staff and faculty.

Gym Rules:
  • You cannot walk-in with your jeans and shirt. You need to have a sporty dress.
  • You should not use your regular shoes or chappals. You should wear running/training shoes.
  • You cannot use boots (say, of football) inside the gym because it is bad for your backbone while running on a treadmill. Also you may slip when you workout with weights.
  • You should also bring a towel (not a kerchief) to avoid leaving sweat on any equipment.
  • Other rules include the use of the safety clip in the treadmill and not lifting heavy weights/bench-press with heavy weights when you are alone in the gym.

If you did not start yet, then why not today! Let us have a healthy life. Come and join today itself!