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Five Year Procurement List

No Name of the Equipment Qty Approximate cost in Lakhs Justification for Procurement User details
1 Light sheet microscope 1 380 Light sheet fluorescence microscopy allows deep tissue imaging. For Biology dept
2 Extracellular Flux Analyzer 1 140 Flux analyzer measure the oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) of live cells in a 96-well plate format. For Biology dept.
3 FACS with 96 well attachment for drug screening 1 30 Testing the effect of small molecules, drugs, antibodies on viability of cells, parasites or any other pathogen, yeast mutant screen For Biology dept.
4 Automated DNA and RNA sample QC analyzser 1 24 Quality control (QC) of RNA and DNA samples for next-generation sequencing (NGS) For Biology dept.
5 LiDAR (hand held) 1 36 Uses Laser to recreate 3D space from which vegetation structure can be quantified Nandini, Robin and Plant science faculty
6 Animal house equipment 1 420 Individually ventillated cage systems including AHUs, IVC racks and cage units, cage changing stations, Institutional facility
7 HPLC 3 120 For purifying peptides, metabolites and small molecules before analysis For Biology dept.
8 Phosphoimager 1 60 For scanning radioactive gels For Biology dept.
9 High end FACS Sorter 1 300 For Sorting and purifying different lineages of cells including single cell sorting and protoplast sorting For Biology and probably Chemistry Department
10 Chemidoc 2 40 For scanning western blotting images All biology and chemistry
11 Equiptment for radioactivity space 1 50 For Radioactivity quantification All biology and chemistry
12 Lyophilizer 4 50 freeze drying for long-term storage of samples All biology and chemistry
13 Microplate reader 2 40 For measuring fluorescence, luminescence, Kinetic analysis All biology and chemistry
14 Epi-fluorescence Microscope 3 60 Detecting YFP, GFP, RFP, MCherry signal in cells, localization study All biology and chemistry
15 Gel documentation system for a large gel (20cm x 25cm) 2 25 For visualizing large gels (20cm x 25cm) All biology and chemistry
16 -80 freezers 10 90 For storing biological material Biology department
17 UV Vis spectrophotometer with temperature controller 4 60 For absorption spectrum acquisition and melting profile Hussain, Viji, Nibedita
18 Autoclave 220 L 2 65 For sterilization Lab kitchen for entire biology department
19 -30 freezer 10 30 For storing biological material For entire biology department
20 Controlled greenhouse 6 300 For growing transgenic plants in contained facilities Plant science faculty
21 Speed breeding facility 1 200 To fasten breeding period of crop plants Plant science faculty
22 Confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) 2 500 For live cell imaging All biology and chemistry
23 Glassware washer 3 50 for cleaning glassware used in the experiments For entire department- Lab kitchen
24 DNA speed vac 3 18 For concentrating DNA samples For biology dept. - lab kitchen
25 Environment shakers 10 20 for growing microorganisms All biology faculty
26 Liquid nitrogen container 200 lit 1 5 For storing biological material and for isolation of RNA All biology and chemistry
27 Water purification system 4 60 For purified water for experiments For Biology department.
28 Phenotypic microarray (Biolog) 1 70 For measuring differential nutrient assimiation, growth, and antibiotic sensitivity in medium throughput For Biology department.
29 FACS for sorting bacteria 1 30 Screenning library by sorting fluorescent bacteria For Biology department.
30 Bacterial incubation shakers 6 60 For Bacterial, fungal and yeast growth For Biology department.
31 Agricultural Field equipment 1 40 For crop experiments under field conditions Plant science faculty
32 HPC 2 1000 High performance computing for analyzing the big data For Biology department.
33 Servers 1 25 for storage of bulk data For Biology department
34 High content imaging 1 350 For testing the effect of different drugs / compounds / cytokines on survival / function of diverse cell types. All biology and chemistry
35 Metabolomic facility (GC-MS, LC-MS, ICP-MS 1 700 For quantification of Metabolites All biology and chemistry
36 High end Proteomics facility 1 800 For quantification of proteins All biology and chemistry
37 Transmission electron microscope (TEM), with cryo-module and optional chemical analyses 1 1580 For analyzing biological samples at nano scale All biology and chemistry
38 Scanning electron microscope (SEM) 1 200 For analyzing biological samples at nano scale All biology and chemistry
39 High end cell disruptors (frequency based/ pressure based) 2 40 for disrupting cells, DNA and RNA molecules For Biology department
40 Crystallization Facility (robot, accessories to store/manipulate crystals, crystals, and EM grids shipping equipment) 1 100 For producing crystal structures of proteins For Biology department
41 X-ray home source 1 600 Diffracting protein crystals to solve structures For Biology department
42 X-ray Photo electron spectroscopy with glove box 1 950 Surface analysis Aravindan, Balaraman, Janardan, Jatish, Prof. Viijayamohanan
43 EPR 1 400 Analysing oxidation and spin states of metals Pankaj, Sudipta, Balaraman, Arun
44 Resonance Raman 1 200 Metal-dioxygen adducts and other imaging Pankaj, Aravindan, Balaraman, Janardan, Jatish, Prof. Viijayamohanan
45 CHN Analyser 1 200 Analysing all kind of samples Most of the people at Chemistry Department
46 Stop-Flow kinetic instrument 1 60 Low temperature Kinetic Measurements, UV-VISible spectral measurements Pamkaj, Sudipta, Arun, Soumit, Prof. Ganesh
47 HR-TEM/STEM with HAADF, EDX and EELS 1 1800 Internal structure, elemental mapping and EELS Aravindan, Balaraman, Janardan, Jatish, Soumit, Ashwani, Prof. Viijayamohanan, Prof. Ganesh
48 ICP-OES/AES-MS 1 200 Elemental analysis Most of the people at Chemistry Department
49 TGA-GC-FTIR 1 100 Thermal stability Aravindan, Balaraman, Janardan, Jatish, Prof. Viijayamohanan
50 DSC 1 50 Melting and crystallization Aravindan, Janardan, Jatish, Prof. Viijayamohanan