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Library Rules

  • All the users including Faculty, Staff, Students and outsiders entering the Library shall keep their bags and other belongings in the property counter at the entrance.
  • Library will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal belongings of users.
  • All print materials must be presented to the Security Guard at the checkpoint for inspection while entering / leaving the Library.
  • Strict Silence should be observed in the Library. All users are requested to keep their mobiles switched off or in silent mode.
  • Smoking, eatables and beverages are not allowed inside the Library.
  • No material from the Library should be taken out unless issued at the circulation counter.
  • Members who lose / mutilate Library materials will be penalized. Library committee reserves the right to decide appropriate penalty.
  • Users should obey the Library Rules and Regulations. Violation of rules and any act of misbehaviour with Library Staff / Security Guard will lead to strong disciplinary action.

Circulation Policy

  • Reference Books, Dictionary, Encyclopaedia, Handbooks, Current Journals and magazines, Year Books are only for consultation within the Library premise.
  • Users should get the items duly issued at the Circulation Counter.
  • Books will not be issued for those who are having overdue items.
  • Borrower should bring the material physically to the Library for renewal.
  • Semester text books may not be renewed.
  • Handle the Library material with utmost care and a borrower shall remain responsible for material issued to her / him until it is returned.
  • Books issued to BS-MS students must be returned to the Library once end semester examination is over.
  • Student members have to make a formal request to the Library for issuing books during vacation periods.
  • Members going on long leave with or without salary, deputation, study leave, or extraordinary leave will have to return all borrowed materials before leaving the institute.
  • Newly added books will be displayed for a week, users may reserve such books. One user can make maximum 2 reservations.
  • All books need to be returned for Physical Stock Verification irrespective of the date of issue and category of users. Dates for physical verification will be announced 2 weeks in advance.