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The Chemistry department at IISER-Tirupati started functioning from August 2015 with three faculty members and one technical assistant (T.A). It has since then grown progressively to the current faculty strength of nine members, from diverse research backgrounds ranging from Inorganic Chemistry & Organic Chemistry to Theoretical Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Material Science. It started its teaching program for the first batch of undergraduates from August 2015 with a general chemistry course followed by courses covering all the aspects in physical, inorganic and organic chemistry, well-integrated with laboratory courses. The two UG labs in the department are well equipped with all basic instruments such as fume hoods, Schlenk lines, rotary evaporators, analytical balances, PH meters etc. to conduct both modern and classical experiments.

Currently, the department has three technical assistants (T.A) and two lab assistants to assist the faculty members in the laboratory courses and to maintain the instruments. Besides, it also has a well-equipped research laboratory to accommodate 25-30 students and is being constantly upgraded with the requisite infrastructure and instruments for carrying out high quality research. Having established initial research infrastructure, the PhD program was initiated in August 2017. The department currently has 11 PhD students, and 6 post-doctoral researchers. The department also initiated its Integrated PhD program in August 2018.

In both teaching, as well as research, the core philosophy of the department is in accordance the fact that Chemistry is the Central Science. Thus, the theory/lab courses, and the research carried out by faculty members reflect this aspect, providing the students the necessary depth in each of the core areas, and augmenting it with sufficient breadth to facilitate cutting-edge interdisciplinary research. In this regard, some specific research topics pursued in the department include: Biomolecular Chemistry of nucleic acids, peptides and lipids, Bio-Organic Chemistry and Bio-Nanotechnology, Catalysis, Asymmetric Synthesis, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, Computational Organic/Inorganic Chemistry. Quantum Chemistry, Main Group Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry Applications in Chemistry and Biology, Bio-Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Li-Ion Batteries and Capacitors.

To enable frontier research, the Department already has a gamut of high-end instruments including Atomic Force Microscope, IR/UV-Vis Spectrometers, Analytical HPLC, High Performance Computers, Table-top NMR etc. A 400 MHz NMR and a Mass spectrometer will soon join our list of major instruments.

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