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The Intriguing Chemistry of Molecules in Excited States


Title : The Intriguing Chemistry of Molecules in Excited States.
Speaker : Dr. Anirban Hazra, Associate Professor, IISER Pune.
Date : 04/03/2022, 05:30 PM , Online Mode.


A wide variety of physical and chemical phenomena involve molecules in their electronic excited states. The theoretical methods to describe molecules in their excited states are quite different from the methods used for the ground state. I will discuss this difference and talk about quantum chemical approaches needed to properly describe excited states. I will then present examples from our research to demonstrate how one can obtain valuable insights about experimental observations from a proper theoretical description of molecular excited states.

Bio-sketch of the speaker:

Dr. Anirban Hazra has been a faculty member at IISER Pune since 2011. He got his integrated masters from IIT Bombay, PhD from Princeton university, and he did a postdoc at Penn State University. His research is on the fundamental understanding of excited state molecular phenomena using theoretical methods. He loves chemistry because it helps him see the world around in ways beyond what is ordinarily visible and he loves teaching.