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Stickelberger’s theorem and generalisations


Title : Stickelberger’s theorem and generalisations.
Speaker : Prof. Mahesh Kakde, IISc Bangalore.
Date : 07/09/2022, 05:30 PM , Online Mode.

About the speaker: 

Prof. Mahesh Kakde is an eminent Mathematician from IISc Bangalore, working in Algebraic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, and Non-commutative Iwasawa Theory. Prof. Kakde completed his PhD from University of Cambridge in 2008, and joined King’s College London as a Faculty member in 2011. He moved to IISc Bangalore as a Professor in 2019.  Prof. Kakde is the recipient of several recognitions and honours, which include the Swarna Jayanthi Fellowship in the year 2021, and was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematics in 2022.


I will start with two classical theorems from the 19th century – Dirichlet’s class number formula and Stickelberger’s theorem. These are the first examples of results/conjectures that relate analytic objects i.e. L-functions to deep arithmetic invariants such as ideal class group. We will see various generalisations of these classical results.