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SciFinder Scholar - Registration

SciFinder Scholar - Registration

Please click here for login if you are already a registered SciFinder user.

New User Registration

Please follow below given steps for one time registration process. You need to provide only your IISER Tirupati official e-mail ID while registering with SciFinder.

Note: Following steps for registration process must be used within our IP ranges i.e. only within IISER Tirupati campus.

Step 1: Create your login ID for SciFinder web version by clicking here (If you see this link in two lines, then you need to copy/paste/join both the lines in your browser and then click Go)

Step 2: You will receive confirmation email titled “SciFinder Registration- Your Confirmation Required” in few minutes. Then click on the email link (within 48 Hrs) and activate your access.

Step 3: You can then visit SciFinder Login to use SciFinder web version.

If required, you may please refer end user registration guide.