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Academic Background

      I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Botany from St. Dominics College, Kanjirappally in 2019 and Masters in Botany from St Berchmans College, Changanassery, in 2021. I joined Ph.D. at IISER Tirupati in August 2022. Currently I am a member of the PfGL lab supervised by Dr. Eswarayya Ramireddy.

Research Interest

Global rice production accounts for 755 million tonnes, annually. Being one of the major staple foods across the world, it is cultivated on 162 million hectares of land in tropical and subtropical zones with variable thermal regimes. Among the different types of rice diseases reported, blast disease causes the most severe constraints for rice production throughout the world. The amount of rice loss due to blast disease annually is sufficient to feed 60 million people. The blast disease is caused by the ascomycete fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae. The most efficient strategy to control this devastating pathogen is by utilizing the host’s immune response or by manipulating the molecular players that cause the host’s vulnerability to the pathogen, which are termed susceptibility genes. Our research focuses on the identification and functional validation of susceptibility genes, which facilitate the pathogen in the process of infection, irrespective of host genotype or Magnaporthe strain. Our project  will advance our understanding of the rice-Magnaporthe pathosystem on the one hand and, on the other hand, help to develop a deregulated Magnaporthe tolerant rice variety..

Advisor Information

Dr. Eswarayya Ramireddy is working as an associate professor at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Tirupati (IISER Tirupati), India. Dr. Ramireddy obtained his bachelor’s degree in agriculture sciences from ANGR Agriculture University. After his post-graduation from the University of Hyderabad, he did his Ph.D. at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. After a brief stint of postdoctoral experience in 2011, he became a group leader and led a root biology research team at the Department of Applied Genetics, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, until 2016. From April 2016 onwards, he started working at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Tirupati (IISER Tirupati). Research in the Dr. Ramireddy lab will focus on plant root and rhizosphere engineering for climate-resilient agriculture, and additionally, the lab is also investigating the role of plant hormones in regulating plant growth and development. The ultimate goal of our research is to contribute to sustainable agriculture practices and food security.

Courses taken

  • BIO315 – Molecular Plant Physiology
  • BIO318 – Genetics
  • BIO322- Biochemistry
  • BIO413 – Big Data in Biology

Internal Teaching Assistantships

  • BIO111 – Foundations of Biology I: Basic Principles
  • BIO112 – Biology Lab I: Basic Biology


  • Joint CSIR -UGC JRF in Life sciences
  • Qualified GATE 2022 in Life Sciences