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Abhijit Nandy

Academic background:

I completed my B.Sc. in Chemistry from New Alipore College, University of Calcutta, and then completed my M.Sc. in Chemistry from Presidency University Kolkata. I joined my Ph.D. program at IISER Tirupati in August 2021 under the supervision of Dr. Shibdas Banerjee on microdroplet chemistry and disease diagnosis.

Research interest:

Water turns into a wonder liquid when it forms microdroplets. In recent years, several reports are continuously expanding the landscape of unusual chemistry in microdroplets, such as reaction rate accelerations, change of reaction route, on-water selectivity switch, the spontaneous generation of hydrogen peroxide, and trapping of highly unstable intermediate species from chemical and biochemical reactions. My research interest is to develop a new arena of microdroplet catalysis and to investigate the chemical nature of the air-water interface in the context of promoting new reactions, which are otherwise seemingly impossible in the bulk phase. I also want to utilize this chemistry to develop novel diagnostics techniques by examining the biospecimens such as blood, urine, tissue, biopsy materials, etc

Advisor information:

Dr. Shibdas Banerjee completed his Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, India, in 2014. Then he worked with Prof. Richard N. Zare as a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University, USA (2014-2017). Dr. Banerjee joined the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER)Tirupati as an assistant professor of chemistry in 2017. Currently, he is an associate professor at IISER Tirupati. Dr. Banerjee’s group is developing microdroplet-based mass spectrometric methodologies and imaging techniques for chemical and biomedical applications

Courses taken:

I completed five courses, as mentioned below, in the first semester of my Ph.D. program.

  1. Physical Organic Chemistry (CHM312)
  2. Organic spectroscopy (CHM433)
  3. Separation Science (CHM332)
  4. Forensic Science (CHM315)
  5. Bio-inorganic Chemistry (CHM413)

Teaching Assistantships:

  • General Chemistry (CHM 111, BSMS 2022 batch, 1st semester)
  • Chemistry Lab (CHM 122, BSMS 2022 batch, 2nd semester)

External Teaching assistantships:

I taught Crystal Field Theory and Organic Spectroscopy at Sree Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Tirupati, India (November 2022- continue).


Supratim Mondal, Mithlesh Prasad Singh, Anubhav Kumar, Sutirtha Chattopadhyay, Abhijit Nandy, Yeswanth Sthanikam, Uddeshya Pandey, Debasish Koner, Limesh Marisiddappa, and Shibdas Banerjee “Rapid Molecular Evaluation of Human Kidney Tissue Sections by in Situ Mass Spectrometry and Machine Learning to Classify the Nephrotic Syndrome” Journal of Proteome Research, 2023, 22, 3, 967–976