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If you wish to avail of category-specific benefits please pick a category other than 'General'. You will be required to submit an attested copy of the category certificate (for all other than General and Minority) issued by competent authority at the time of the interview.

School Exam Details

Please enter your details for school level certifying exams (10th and 12th) in the table below

Examination Name of Board Subject(s) Result Type Division Year School
Sr. Secondary

Undergraduate And Postgraduate Education

Please enter the details of your undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the table below. Please convert your CGPA or grade to percentage to enable comparison.

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Please Describe Your Research Experience With Salient Findings

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Research Proposal & Referees

By submitting this form, I hereby agree that all the instructions and particulars in the application form are true to the best of my knowledge.

Thank you for applying to the Postdoctoral Program at IISER Tirupati.

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