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Paperpile - Registration

Paperpile - Registration

Library subscribe to Paperpile Reference Management tool. Since Paperpile is a web based tool and not IP authenticated, it can be accessed and used from outside campus also using registered account credentials.

New User Registration Process:

Please follow below given steps to register with Paperpile software.

Step 1: Go to https://paperpile.com/pricing/ (choose free trial)

Step 2: Use your Gmail account for registration. (@labs.iisertirupati.ac.in / @students.iisertirupati.ac.in or your personal Gmail id, @gmail.com).

Step 3: If you register with a personal Gmail id, you can join the site license by:

Please, go to “Settings > Account info” and click on “Activate site license”. Enter your IISER Tirupati e-mail, and then click the activation link you will receive via your IISER Tirupati e-mail account.

For further information, please visit Paperpile website.