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Health Center

Medical Facilities

IISER Tirupati has the following Medical Facilities:

  1. Ambulance service
  2. Wellness clinic
  3. Psychological Counselling Service
  4. Tie-up with local hospitals
  5. Students Health Insurance Facility
  6. First Aid Boxes are available at different locations spread over the Campus

Wellness Clinic Number (24x7)

  • 0877-2500223 (Transit Campus).
  • 0877-2500979 (Permanent Camus)
1. Ambulance Service

24 × 7 Emergency Ambulance Service is available on IISER Tirupati Campus.

2. Wellness Clinic

All students and staff members of IISER Tirupati can avail medical facilities at the Wellness Clinic on campus. Fulltime Medical Officer is available for consultation.

Contact Number: 0877-2500223
Email: archana@iisertirupati.ac.in
Regular Timings: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Any Emergency – 24×7
Location: Wellness Clinic, Hostel (B-Block, Ground Floor), Transit Campus
                   Wellness Clinic, Hostel (B-Block, Ground Floor), Permanent Campus
Facilities: -
  •  OPD Consultation & Treatment
  • Emergency Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Investigations:
    1) Random Blood Sugar
    2) ECG
  • Facilities: 
    1) Intravenous Therapy
    2) First Aid Management
    3) Vaccination
    4) Oxygen Support
    5) Nebulization
  • Referral to Tie- up Hospitals when indicated*
Doctors: -
Nurses: -
  •  Mrs Nimmy K Prasad, B.Sc. Nursing

              Email: nurse@iisertirupati.ac.in

3. Psychological Counselling Services

All students and staff members of IISER Tirupati can avail counselling services from professional counsellors available for consultation at Your DOST.

4. Tie-up Hospitals (For IISER Tirupati staff and dependents)
  1. Amara Hospital, Tirupati
  2. Sree Ramadevi Super speciality Hospital, Tirupati
5. Student’s Health Insurance

The Institute students are covered under Group Health Policy obtained from FHPL Health Insurance Company. It is being renewed Yearly. As it is a group Policy the yearly renewable policy is taken every year batch wise and all the batch students are individually listed in the list of beneficiaries in the Policy document.


Medical Coverage for students with following additional features is made available in FHPL Insurance Company approved Hospitals.