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Fundamentals on Nanoeletronics: A Theoretical Perspective


Title : Fundamentals on Nanoeletronics: A Theoretical Perspective
Speaker : Swapan K Pati , JNCASR, Jakkur Campus, Bangalore .
Date : 28-10-2016, Seminar Hall, First Floor.


In this era of miniaturized devices, there has been a huge number of experiments on transport through molecules and quantum dots. In this context, I shall discuss some basic mechanisms of how the current flows through a system with one level to many levels and the fundamental theories (like, Landauer and Buttiker formalisms), which predicted one-electron tunnelling mechanisms and later some experiments which verified those predictions. Recent developments in computer codes, through which one can predict various features of molecular current-voltage characteristics will be discussed. Current constraint approach and the rate equation method, which is required in Coulomb blockade regime of transport will be discussed. I shall also briefly discuss the recent advances in this field, i.e., tunnelling due to inelastic scattering; light quanta assisted tunnelling mechanisms; complete destruction of coherent tunnelling and molecular field-effect transistors.