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Eastern Ghats Symposium 2022

Conserving biodiversity of the Eastern Ghats: Challenges and the way forward

Dates: 30th April and 1st May 2022


The Eastern Ghats are a discontinuous chain of mountains along the east coast of India covering an area of 75000 sq.km. Despite the fact that the Eastern Ghats are home to several endemic flora and fauna, like the Red Sanders tree and the Golden Gecko, habitats are rapidly being degraded or lost entirely. With increasing development in the region, there is a need for urgent scientific research and conservation action.

This symposium will bring together researchers, managers, and policy-makers who have worked in the landscape in the last two decades or more, in an attempt to consolidate existing knowledge, promote dialogue


Organizing Team

National Biodiversity Authority IISER Tirupati
Dr. V.B. Mathur, Chairman Dr. K.N. Ganesh, Director
Dr. Justin Mohan, Secretary Dr. Ramesh Sonti, Chair, Biology
Dr. KP Raghuraman, Technical Officer Dr. Nandini Rajamani, Assistant Professor
Mr. Raja Sekhar Bandi, Citizen Science Coordinator
Mr. Aravind PS, Researcher
Mr. Senan D’Souza, Researcher
Ms. Swati Udayraj, PhD Student
Dr. Brawin Kumar, Postdoctoral Scholar
Mr. Rakesh Muni, PhD Student
Ms. Archita Sharma, PhD Student
Ms. Harsha Jagadeesh, Master’s Student
Ms.Anupama Devi, PhD Student
Ms.Keerthi .O, Master’s Student



Day 1: 30th April 2022, Saturday

10:00 AM Keynote Session- Dr. V.B. Mathur
10:30 AM Plenary Talks 1 and 2- Dr.T. Pullaiah, Dr.Jayashree Vencatesan
11:30 AM Tea break
11:45 AM Public Talks on Red Sanders
1:15 PM Lunch
2:15 PM Research Talk
2:30 PM Panel Discussion on Conservation issues
3:15 PM Plenary Talk 3-Dr. N. Parthasarathy
3:45 PM Tea Break
4:00 PM Focus group discussion on future directions with Forest Departments, SBBs, Scientific Institutions and Academia (Closed Session)
5:30 PM End of Day 1
7:30 PM Dinner

Day 2: 1st May 2022, Sunday

9:30 AM Plenary Talk 4- Dr. Anupama Krishnamurthy
10:00 AM Research talks
11:30 AM Tea break
11:45 AM Research talks (continued)
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM End of Day 2

All sessions (except closed sessions) will also be streamed live on the IISER Tirupati You tube channel

For more information please visit www.tirupatibiodiversity.org/events/eastern-ghats-symposium

COVID-19 guidelines: In-person attendees are kindly requested to adhere to COVID protocols. Please wear a mask and maintain social distancing.