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Mathematics Research Groups

Research Groups

Algebra, Geometry, and Number theory (Anilatmaja Aryasomayajula, Venketasubramanian C G, and Souradeep Majumder)

The members of this research group are broadly interested in representation theory of p-adic groups, automorphic forms, algebraic geometry, and theory of vector bundles.

Geometry and Topology (Subhash B and Gururaja H A)

Currently the members of this group have research interests in the areas of bundle theory, vector field problem, Riemannian geometry and Ricci flow.

Harmonic Analysis (Lakshmi Lavanya R)

Members of this group are interested in Harmonic Analysis on locally compact groups, in particular, on locally compact Abelian groups and the Heisenberg group.

Homotopy theory and Algebraic Geometry (Girja Shanker Tripathi)

The research in this area is at the interface of algebraic geometry and algebraic topology. The abstract foundations of homotopy theory allow one to employ techniques from algebraic topology in the study of some aspects of algebraic varieties. Presently at IISER Tirupati research in this area is about invariants of algebraic varieties given by algebraic K-theory, Witt theory and algebraic cobordism.

Inter IISER-NISER Mathematics Meet (IINMM) 2021

NCM Workshop on Modular forms and Galois representations (11th-17th December 2019)