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Characterization of Higgs boson at particle colliders

Date & Time : Friday, 15th December 2023, at 5:30 pm
Venue: CVRH
Speaker: Dr. Ambresh Shivaji, Department of Physics, IISER Mohali
Title: Characterization of Higgs boson at particle colliders
Abstract: Higgs boson is the only fundamental scalar particle in the particle spectrum of the standard model. Since its discovery at the LHC in 2012, a great deal about this particle is known today. In my talk, I will review the current status of the properties of Higgs boson as measured by the experiments against those predicted by the standard model. I will mainly focus on the self couplings of the Higgs boson.
About the speaker:  Dr. Ambresh Shivaji completed his master’s in Physics from IIT Kanpur in 2006 and obtained his Ph.D. from the Institute of Physics Bhubaneswar in the area of theoretical High Energy Physics in 2012. He was a postdoctoral fellow at HRI Allahabad (2012-2015), INFN Pavia, Italy (2015-2016) and CP3 Louvain, Belgium (2016-2018) before joining IISER Mohali in 2018 as an assistant professor. His research interests include Phenomenology of SM and BSM at particle colliders, Precision calculations, Higgs, and top quark physics.