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Battery Battles for Future Transportation


Title : Battery Battles for Future Transportation.
Speaker : Speaker : Prof. Vijayamohanan Pillai, IISER Tirupati.
Date : 07/08/2019, 5:30 PM , C.V Raman Hall, Second Floor.


Many advanced materials prepared exclusively using Molecular Nanotechnology    have captured public attention due to their enticing possibility of storing not only a huge amount of energy in very small amount (volume as well as weight) but also due to their ability to retrieve or store at rapid time scales.  Consequently, suitable power sources are being designed, developed and deployed for the e-bikes to the most powerful aircrafts and rockets, minimizing carbon foot-print for the benefit of future generations for the choice of transport. Tailoring their dimensionality to facilitate a change in their fundamental properties including mechanical, electrical, optical or electrochemical behavior in comparison with similar behavior of their bulk analogues make them special and even smart or intelligent facilitating unprecedented applications for electric vehicles. In this lecture, I will unravel the road to zero-emission transportation examining all the options available for electric mobility. The future of personalized as well as public transport will be examined in the light of recent innovative trends like smart materials, driver-less cars, and flying trains using unprecedented advancements in materials science, computational capability and machine intelligence.