Faculty Member:

Name Designation Discipline Email Phone Number
Prof. BJ Rao Professor,
Chair, Biology and
Dean Faculty
Biology bjrao 401
Dr. V Siva Kumar Associate Professor Biology vallabsr 404
Dr. Eswar Rami Reddy Assistant Professor Biology eswar.ramireddy442
Dr. Nandini Rajamani   Assistant Professor Biology nandini 402
Dr. Pakala Suresh Babu    Assistant Professor
(On Contract)
Biology pakalasb 405
Dr. Raju Mukherjee   Assistant Professor Biology raju.mukherjee441
Dr. Suchi Goel   Assistant Professor Biology suchi 447
Dr. Vasudharani Devanathan   Assistant Professor Biology vasudharani403
Dr. V V Robin    Assistant Professor Biology robin443
Dr. Sanjay Kumar      Ramalingaswami Fellow Biology sanjay901
Dr Nibedita Pal     Assistant Professor Biology nibedita902
Dr Annapurna Devi AlluAssistant Professor Biology anu.allu903
Prof. K.N. Ganesh Director, Professor
and Chair, Chemistry
Dr. Rajesh Viswanathan  Associate Professor Chemistry & Biology rajesh921
Dr. Ashwani Sharma  Assistant Professor Chemistry & Biology a.sharma415
Dr. Gopinath Purushothaman    Assistant Professor Chemistry gopi413
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Koli    Assistant Professor Chemistry pankaj240
Dr. Raghunath O Ramabhadran    Assistant Professor Chemistry raghurama414
Dr. Shibdas Banerjee Assistant Professor Chemistry shibdas411
Dr. Soumit Sankar MandalAssistant Professor Chemistry soumit.mandal246
Dr. Sudipta Roy    Assistant Professor Chemistry roy.sudipta412
Dr. Vanchiappan Aravindan  Assistant Professor Chemistry aravindan243
Prof. Nagaraj D S    Professor, Chair, Mathematics Mathematics dsn421
Dr. Anilatmaja Aryasomayajula    Assistant Professor Mathematics anil.arya425
Dr. Girja Shanker Tripathi  Assistant Professor Mathematics girja427
Dr. Gururaja H. A.    Assistant Professor Mathematics gururaja426
Dr. R Lakshmi Lavanya   Assistant Professor Mathematics rlakshmilavanya424
Dr. Souradeep MajumderAssistant Professor Mathematics souradeep 429
Dr. Subhash   Assistant Professor
Mathematics subhash423
Dr. Venketasubramanian C GAssistant Professor Mathematics venketcg428
Dr. Shalini Bhattacharya Assistant Professor Mathematics shalini961
Prof. Ambika    Professor,
Chair, Physics and
Dean Academics
Dr. Arunima Banerjee    Assistant ProfessorPhysicsarunima446
Dr. Chitrasen Jena   Assistant ProfessorPhysicscjena445
Dr. Dileep Mampallil    Assistant Professor Physics dileep.mampallil 435
Dr. Jessy Jose   Assistant Professor Physics jessy 247
Dr. K P Yogendran Assistant Professor Physicsyogendran 432
Dr. Sasmita Mohakud   Inspire Faculty Physics sasmita 444
Dr. Sudipta Dutta    Assistant Professor Physics sdutta 434
Dr. Sunil Kumar S    Assistant Professor Physics sunil 449
Dr. Thokala Soloman Raju   Assistant Professor
(On Contract)
Physics soloman433
Dr. Aniket Chakrabarty   Assistant Professor Earth and Climate Science aniketc448
Dr. Sai Kranthi   Inspire Faculty Earth and Climate Science saikranthi239
Dr. P Lakshmana Rao Assistant Professor
(On Contract)
English (HSS)lakshman440
Prof. P. C. Deshmukh Visiting Professor Physics pcd249

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