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Veekshana is a forum where women faculty members and scientists of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Tirupati come together with a passion and a vision to jointly promote women in science. We provide a platform to identify and address any issues that women scientists face in their career path and empower them to overcome them.

The forum was officially announced by Director Prof. K. N. Ganesh on July 25, 2020.

Short term goals::

  • Facilitate informal networking among women faculty which can develop into professional/personal support networks (with a sense of Sisterhood)
  • Create an open atmosphere where every ‘Female’ of IISERT overcomes the fear/obstacles and realises her inner potential (Expanding the reach of Sisterhood, with informal networks)
  • Organise seminar series focusing on Women role models (Inspiring life journeys and career paths) and workshops for awareness on career opportunities and developing required skills
  • Facilitate being human by organising Institute level gender sensitization sessions (such as: discussion of case studies of gender inequality in academia, topic based discussion forum)
  • Empower to be the change: Ideathon to identify issues faced by local students and try to address them. Our students (in teams) will identify the issues and pitch a possible solution, the top selected issue-solutions will be taken forward to address with the support of IISERT/NGOs.

Long term goals::

  • Expand the professional networking to women faculty and scientists in and around Tirupati (by conducting Annual/Bi-annual one/half-day events)
  • Develop gender sensitization among students (all students) through quizzes/workshops pertinent to gender statistics etc. in academia.
  • Provide career counselling by creating mentor networks/invited speakers that discusses on various career paths, opportunities and provide guidance.
  • Organise the creation of student networks to support each other in academics, writing or presentation skills, confidence building etc. (Promote a sense of Sisterhood).
  • Reach out to similar forums in other institutes to identify common issues and come up with diverse models of activity.

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