BS-MS Programme

The five-year BS-MS program will be flagship program of IISER Tirupati.

The first two years involve a set of mandatory courses in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology with a few courses from Humanities, Arts and the Earth Sciences. These two years are devoted to creating a broad knowledge base in the basic sciences.

The third and fourth years are devoted to developing a few specific areas in depth. They involve a choice of specialized courses from the within the broad areas introduced in the first two years. A student may take courses from across the disciplines or choose to focus on courses from a particular discipline.

The final year at IISER Tirupati does not involve any course work so students focus entirely on research and the resulting Masters thesis. This model enables a large number of publications involving undergraduate student authors.

Also see: "Why join an IISER", an article written by Prof. Satyamurthy (Director, IISER Mohali).

BS-MS Programme Curriculum 2015

Curriculum Book for Academic Year 2015-16