Research Facilities

List of Equipment available in Physics Department

1) Electrochemical Analyser (CH Instruments)

For electrochemical measurements. Aqueous and non-aqueous electrodes are available.
Contact: Dileep Mampallil

2) Inverted Fluorescent Microscope (Nikon Eclipse)

With Fluorescent facility. Excitation of DAPI, GFP, YFP and RFP. Objectives: 2X, 4X, 10X, 20X, 60X. Colour camera is also available.
Contact: Dileep Mampallil.

3) High-speed camera (Phantom Research)

For imaging fast dynamics. Maximum resolution: 1200X700 pix. Frame rate of 100’000 is achievable.
Contact: Dileep Mampallil

4) Plasma Asher (Diener)

To surface activate/clean samples via oxygen plasma (power up to 100 W). Maximum sample size: 4 inches.
Contact: Dileep Mampallil.

5) Thermal Evaporator (Mansha Vacuum)

Thin films from low melting point metals such as Al, Cr, Au, and Ag. Vacuum attained by rotary and diffusion pumps. Water chiller is attached.
Contact: Dileep Mampallil.

6) Picoammeter (Keithely 6485 model)

Current measurements range: 10fA - 20mA, No. Of channels: 1, PC interface: GPIB, RS-232.
Contact: Sunil Kumar.




List of Equipment available in Chemistry Department

1) Flash Chromatography: Smart Flash EPCLC Al-    700X

Can purify up to a 300g sample per run.  Optimal parameters such as flow rate, run time, fraction volume, etc. will be calculated and set automatically upon selecting the column.

2) Atomic force microscopy (AFM): Park NX10 AFM

Measures the topographic image with resolution on the order of fractions of nanometers with low noise Z detector.

3) Table Top NMR: Magritek 60 MHz spinsolve  60 ULTRA

Capable of recording proton (1H) NMR and 19F NMR of organic & inorganic samples with solvent suppression pulse sequence.

4) GC-MS: Agilent 5977B

For analysis of low molecular weight volatile and semi-volatile organic and inorganic compounds. EI and CI ionization sources with GC-FID (7890B) & GC-MSD (5977B) detectors.

5) Semi preparatory HPLC: Waters 1525 Binary pump HPLC

Used for low scale separation & isolation of compounds.  Extended flow rate range (up to 22.50 mL/min) for use with 10 to 19 mm I.D. columns

6) UV-Vis spectrophotometer: Thermo Scientific, Evolution 201

Used for qualitative & quantitative analysis of analytes such as transition metal ions, conjugated organic compounds, and biological macromolecules.

7) Rheometer: Anton Paar MCR 302

Any type or combination of rheological tests, both in rotational and oscillatory mode is possible.

8) Glove Box Workstation: MBRAUN UNILAB PLUS ECO

For storing & carrying out work/reaction which require Inert atmosphere with 4 ports & built in refrigerator.

9) Solvent Purification System (MB-SPS-5)

Used for drying and dispensing solvents under inert conditions. Columns support dry hexane, dichloromethane, tetrahydromethane & toluene

10) Analytical HPLC: Shimadzu LC 20 AD

Analysis, Identification, and quantification of compounds.  Quaternary pump with PDA detector. With an automatic pulsation-correction mechanism & high-speed micro plunger drive, it achieves pulse-free solvent delivery.

11) CD Spectrometer: Jasco J1500

Used for protein conformational studies. Quantitative analysis of pharmaceuticals. Testing the optically purity of active substances.  Automated CD measurement up to 192 samples.  Stopped- flow system that can measure both CD and Fluorescence. 

12) FT-IR: Bruker ALPHA

Used for functional group analysis of compounds. Easier FTIR sampling method that is ideal for both solids and liquids. ZnSe-ATR crystal for the analysis of powders, solids, pastes and liquids.

13) Fluorescence Spectrometer: JASCO FP-8500

Analyses the fluorescence of a sample with applications in biochemical, medical, and chemical areas. Time resolved fluorescence measurement. Temperature range from  -10 °C to 100°C

14) 400 MHz NMR: Bruker AVANCE NEO 400 MHz FT-NMR Spectrometer (ordered)

Multipurpose Broad Band Smart probe designed for X-nuclei observation with 1H decoupling and 1H observation. Range: 19F, 31P-109Ag. Autosampler with 60 samples. Accessories for Reaction monitoring.


List of Equipment available in Biology Department

1.  Arabidopsis Plant growth Chambers-AR-75L3 (Percival Scientific Inc)

This chamber is frequently used for Arabidopsis thaliana, Brassica sp., lettuce, spinach and other plants with lower light intensity requirements.
Contact: Dr Eswarayya Rami Reddy

2.  RT-PCR-2 plexing (Bio-Rad)

We can do Gene expression (mRNA) analysis, microRNA & concoding RNA analysis, Genetic variation analysis, Protein analysis.
Contact: Dr. V Sivakumar

3.  Leica TCS SP8 spectral confocal laser scanning Microscope (Leica)

Confocal microscopy is a versatile imaging method, through which viewing cells and tissues are made possible. It is a major improvement from conventional light microscopy, as it also helps create images in 3D.
Contact: Dr. Vasudharani D

4.  Optima XPN- 100 Floor Ultra Centrifuge (Beckman)

Available in 100K, 90K and 80K RPM configurations
Compatible with extensive rotor and labware options
Backed by unparalleled service program options
Contact: Dr. V Sivakumar

5.  Chemiluminiscence and Gel Imaging System (Amersham)

Automated image acquisition systems that combine techniques such as chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and bioluminescence offer enhanced flexibility.
Contact: Dr. V Sivakumar

6.  NGC Quest 100 Plus Chromatography System (Bio-Rad)

This FPLC is used for quick purification of recombinant proteins using different chromatography techniques.

Contact: Dr. Raju Mukherjee

7.  BD FACS celesta (BD)

The BD FACSCelesta can rapidly and accurately analyze many kinds of cells, including lymphoid tissue (thymus, spleen, and lymph nodes), digested solid tissues, and blood.
Contact: Dr. V Sivakumar

8.  QIAxcel Advanced System (Qiagen)

Rapid analysis of up to 96 samples without manual intervention
Safety and convenience with ready to use gel catridges
Accurate analysis of low concentration nucleic acids with 3–5 bp resolution
Contact: Dr. V V Robin

9.  Inverted Microscope Model Ts2FL- (LED Illuminator) Part No. MFA 34200 (Nikon)

LED illuminator, built-in Fly eye lens. Can be configured with upto 3 different fluorescence LED units; available wavelengths: 385, 455, 625 nm
Contact: Dr. Eswarayya Rami Reddy & Dr Suchi Goel

10.  Synergy H1 Monochromator-based multimode Microplate Reader (Biotek instruments)

This system supports top and bottom fluorescence intensity, UV-visible absorbance and high performance luminescence detection. It is the ideal system for all the standard microplate applications found in life science research laboratories. The filter module is a completely independent add-on that includes its own light source, and a high performance dichroic-based wavelength selection system. With its very high optical efficiency, this module supports advanced detection modes such as Fluorescence Polarization, Time-Resolved Fluorescence and filtered luminescence (e.g. BRET).
Contact: Dr. V Sivakumar

11.  Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (ordered)

Orbitrap Elite equipped with paper spray, DESI source and UPLC and nano-UPLC for proteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics based analysis.



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