Earth & Climate Science

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The Department of Earth & Climate Science is one of the newborn departments engaged in high-quality teaching and research. The main strength of the department is an amalgamation of two major divisions of Earth and allied sciences: Geological and Climate science under one umbrella. The Earth & Climate Science Department encompass field, laboratory, and computational studies aimed at better understanding both geological and climatic processes.

Research Groups

Alkaline Rock Petrology Group (Aniket Chakrabarty)

Our group works on various aspects related to alkaline rock petrogenesis with a special emphasis on REE-Nb-U-mineralization and mobility during fluid-rock interactions.

Remote sensing of cloud and precipitation (Sai Kranthi)  

Our group is interested in clouds and precipitation studies using profilers, disdrometer, and space-borne instruments.  Specific areas of research are: Characterization of precipitating systems from space-borne instruments (Active and Passive remote sensing); Validating space borne radars and improving their measurements accuracies; and Cloud and precipitation microphysics


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