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Ph.D. programme

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The PhD programme at IISER Tirupati was initiated in August 2017. It involves a combination of coursework, teaching assistantship along with a major research component. IISER Tirupati admits students to its doctoral programme in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Climate Sciences, and associated inter-disciplinary areas of research.

Students with a Master's degree in Science / Mathematics or a four-year Bachelor degree with at least 55% marks (aggregate) are encouraged to apply to our PhD programme. In addition to the qualifying degree, we expect the students to have qualified a national examination such as CSIR-UGC NET/GATE/JEST/JGEEBILS, etc. depending on their area of research interest. Students will be selected to the PhD programme based on their performance in the interviews, which will be conducted once eligible candidates are shortlisted. The interviews typically will be held in two sessions, one during the summer session (~ May-June), and another during winter (~ November-December).

The broad areas of research in each department include the following:
Biophysics, Neuroscience, Plant biology, Ecology and evolution, Cancer biology & Immunology, Chemical Biology, Nano-Biotechnology, Proteomics and Infectious disease.

Bio-Organic Chemistry, Nano-technology, Organic & Bio Molecular Chemistry, Inorganic & Materials Chemistry, Theoretical/Computational, Analytical & Physical Chemistry, Energy Storage Materials

Earth and Climate Science:
Petrology, Minerology, Thermodynamic modelling of fluid-rock interactions, REE mineralization and mobility in alkaline/peralkaline system

Algebraic Geometry, Differential Geometry, Harmonic Analysis, Number Theory, Representation Theory and Topology.


Theoretical Astrophysics, Observational Astronomy, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Soft Matter Physics, Nonlinear Physics, Experimental High Energy Physics and String Theory and Gravity

For specific departmental eligibility criteria (which may be subject to change during each session) please check the admissions link.

In case of any queries related to admission into PhD Programme, please contact the respective departments at the following email addresses:

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