Sivakumar Vallabhapurapu

Associate Professor

Department of Biology, IISER Tirupati


Phone: +91 877 2500 404

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Research Interests

NF-kB and MAPK Signaling, Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer

Educational and Professional Career

  • Ph.D (04, 2004): Forschungszentrum, University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany

  • Postdoctoral Fellow (05, 2004 - 2005): Leibniz Institute on Ageing, Fritz Lipmann Institute, Jena, Germany

  • Postdoctoral Fellow (11, 2005 ? 08, 2009 ): University of California, San Diego, USA

  • Faculty, Research Associate (09, 2009 - 12, 2009): University of Cincinnati, USA

  • Tenure ? Track Assistant Professor (2010 - 2013): University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, USA

  • Faculty (2014): Louisiana State University Health Science Center, Shreveport, USA

  • Associate Professor:(Current Position) Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Tirupati, India

Honours and Awards

  • DST ?SERB ECR Award, SERB, New Delhi

Selected Publications

  • Transcriptional repression by the HDAC4-RelB-p52 complex is essential for Multiple Myeloma survival and growth Subrahmanya D Vallabhapurapu1, Sunil K Noothi1, Derek Pullum1, Charles H Lawrie2, Rachel Pallapati1, Veena Potluri1, Christian Kuntzen3, Sohaib Khan1, David R Plas1, Robert Orlowski54 Marta Chesi5, W. Michael Kuehl6, P. Leif Bergsagel5, Michael Karin7 and Sivakumar Vallabhapurapu1*. *Corresponding Author (Citations: 11) Nature Communications 2015 Oct 12;6:8428. doi: 10.1038/ncomms9428 " , Nat Commun. 4, 12;6:8428 (2015).

  • Transcriptional Repression of Bim by a novel YY1-RelA complex is essential for the survival and growth of Multiple Myeloma Veena Potluri1E, Sunil K Noothi1E, Subrahmanya D Vallabhapurapu1E, Sang-Oh Yoon1, James J Driscoll2, Charles H Lawrie3 and Sivakumar Vallabhapurapu1* PLoS One. 2013 Jul 10;8(7):e66121 *Corresponding Author Citations: (8) ", Plos One 3, . 2013 Jul 10;8(7):.

  • Non-redundant and complementary functions of adaptor proitsmine teins TRAF2 and TRAF3 in a ubiquitination cascade that regulates NIK-dependent alternative NF-kB pathway Sivakumar Vallabhapurapu, Atsushi Matsuzawa, Weizhou Zhang, Ping-Hui Tseng, Jonathan J Keats, Haopeng Wang, Dario AA Vignali, Lief P Bergsagel and Michael Karin Nature Immunology 2008 Dec;9(12):1364-70 (Citations: 447) " ", Nature Immunology 73, 2008 Dec;9(12):1364-70 .

  • Regulation of NF-kB transcriptions factors in the immune system. Sivakumar Vallabhapurapu and Michael Karin Annual Review of Immunology 2009;27:693-733. (citations: 1612) " ", Annual Review of Immunnology 30, 693 (2009).

  • Essential cytoplasmic traslocation of a cytokine receptor-assembled signaling complex Atsushi Matsuzawa*, Ping-Hui Tseng*, Sivakumar Vallabhapurapu, Jun Li Luo, Zhang W, Wang H, Dario AA Vignali, Gallagher Ewen and Michael Karin Science, 2008 Aug 1; 321 (5889): 663-8 (Citations: 193) ", Science 29, 663 (2008).


  • BIO 121 Introductory Biology II: Cellular and Molecular Biology

  • BIO 122 Biology Lab: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • BIO 323 Advanced Immunology

Open Positions

An position for a JRF is expected to be available soon in my lab.

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