Raju Mukherjee


Associate Professor

Department of Biology, IISER Tirupati

Email: raju.mukherjee [AT] iisertirupati.ac.in

Phone: +91 877 2500 441

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Research Interests

Integrative mycobacterium biology, Anti-mycobacterial drug discovery, Mass spectrometry based microbial proteomics, High density transposon mutagenesis

Educational and Professional Career

  • Ph.D (2007): Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

  • Associate Research Investigator (2008-2011): Biocon Research Centre, Bangalore

  • Scientist (2011-2013): Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-EPFL, Lausanne

  • Senior Post Doctoral Research Fellow (2013-2016): UCT-Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, Cape Town

  • Assistant Professor (April, 2016 ~): Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Tirupati, India

Selected Publications

  • Majumdar G., Mbau R., Singh V., Warner D F, Dragset M. & Mukherjee, R*, " Genome-wide transposon mutagenesis in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium smegmatis.", Book chapter in "In Vitro Mutagenesis: Methods and Protocols", Methods in Mol. Biol. In Press, 2016.

  • Kolly, GS., Mukherjee, R., Kilacskova, E., Abriata, LA., Raccaud, M., Blasko, J., Sala, C., Dal Peraro, M., Mikusova, K. & Cole, ST., " GtrA protein Rv3789 is required for arabinosylation of arabinogalactan in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.", J. bacteriol. 197(23) , 3686-97, (2015).

  • Brecik, M., Centàrovà, I., Mukherjee, R., Kolly, G S. Huszàr, S., Bobovska, A., Kilacskovà, E., Mokosovà, V., Svetlikova, Z., sarkan, M., Neres, J., Kordulàkovà, J., Cole, ST. & K. Mikusovà., " DprE1 is a vulnerable tuberculosis drug target due to its cell wall localization.", ACS Chem Biol 10(7)., 1631-6 (2015).

  • Singh, V., Brecik, M., Mukherjee, R., Evans, J C., Svetlikovà, Z., Blackburn, J., Warner, DF., Mikusovà, K. & Mizrahi, V., " The Complex Mechanism of Antimycobacterial Action of 5-Fluorouracil ", Chemistry and Biology, 22(1), 63-75 (2015).

  • Mukherjee R*, Chatterji D., "Glycopeptidolipids: immuno-modulators in greasy mycobacterial cell envelope.", IUBMB Life 64(3), 215-25 (2012).


  • BIO-121: Biology Lab I: Basic Biology (Monsoon, 2016)

  • BIO-102 Introductory Biology II: Cellular and Molecular Biology (Spring, 2017)

Open Positions

We are constantly looking for young dynamic candidates to join our group at several levels. Please visit our Group Webpage for an appropriate position.

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