Kanagasekaran T


Assistant Professor

Department of Physics, IISER Tirupati

Email: kanagasekaran [AT] iisertirupati.ac.in

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Research Interests

Experimental condensed matter, Organic opto-electronics, Fabrication of organic light emitting transistors, Semiconductor solid state laser device.

Educational and Professional Career

  • Ph.D (Nov. 2009): Department of Physics, Anna University, Chennai, India
  • Dr.D.S.Kothari Fellow (December 2009 - September 2010): Department of Physics, University of Delhi.
  • JSPS Post doctoral fellow (Jan. 2011 - March 2013): Department of Physics, Tohoku Univeristy, Japan.
  • Research Associate (April 2013 - March 2016): WPI-AIMR, Tohoku Univeristy, Japan.
  • Assistant Professor (April, 2016 - Dec. 2018): AIMR, Tohoku Univeristy, Japan.
  • Assitant Professor (Dec. 2018 - ~):Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Tirupati, India.

Honours and Awards

  • Dr. D. S. Kothari Fellowship, UGC, India 2009- 2010.
  • JSPS Fellowship, MEXT, Japan 2011-2013.

Selected Publications

  • T. Kanagasekaran*, H. Shimotani, R. Shimizu, T. Hitosugi and K. Tanigaki (2017) A new electrode design for ambipolar injection in organic semiconductors. Nature Communications, 8, 999 Impact Factor (IF)- 12.12 (*Corresponding author).
  • K. Oniwa, T. Kanagasekaran, H. Shimotani, S. Ikeda, N. Asao, Y.Yamamoto, K. Tanigaki and T. Jin. (2016) Biphenyl end-capped bithiazole co-oligomers for high performance organic thin film field effect transistors. Chem. Comm. 52, 27, 4926-4929. IF-6.4.
  • T. Kanagasekaran*, H. Shimotani, S. Ikeda, R. Kumashiro and K. Tanigaki. (2015). Equivalent ambipolar carrier injection of electrons and holes with Au electrodes in air stable field effect transistors; Appl. Phys. Lett. 107, 043304. IF-3.4
  • F. Liu, H. Shimotani, T.Kanagasekaran, V. Zolyomi, N. Drummond, V. I. Fal’ko, and K. Tanigaki. (2014) High-Sensitivity Photodetectors Based on Multilayer GaTe Flakes; ACS Nano, 8, 1, 752-760. IF-14.0.
  • T.Kanagasekaran, P.Mythili, P.Srinivasan, Ahmad Y Nooraldeen, P.K.Palanisamy, R.Gopalakrishnan. (2010) Studies on the growth, optical, thermal and mechanical properties of pure and o-nitroaniline doped Benzil crystals; Crystal Growth & Design, 8, 7. IF-4.1.

International patent filed:

  • T. Kanagasekaran, H. Shomotani and K.Tanigaki, New conceptual electrode for organic semiconductors for high ambipolar carrier injection. Ref. No. JP20150445 (2015).

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