Workshop on Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Workshop on Data Analysis and Machine Learning- May 24-28, 2019
organised by
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research(IISER) Tirupati
Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics(IUCAA) Pune

Human activity at all levels is mediated by digital data and the need for trained scientists who can extract knowledge out of data is increasing. Also there is an increasing demand for trained data scientists or data analysts who can make strategic decisions in various domains like government sector, infrastructure management, financial markets etc
Realising the relevance of data science, IISER Tirupati, jointly with IUCAA Pune, conducted a 5-day workshop on Data Analysis and Machine Learning during May 24-28, 2019. The workshop was at an introductory level, meant to train young researchers and students in the recent techniques of data analysis including statistical analysis, nonlinear time series analysis, recurrence networks, Bayesian approaches, machine learning algorithms and deep learning methods. In addition to introductory lectures there were hands- on sessions every day and participants got trained in the use of data sets from various research areas like astrophysical data, cosmology data, experimental data, Physiological data, Climate data etc. Around 50 participants from Ph.D students, Postdoctoral Fellows and advanced under-graduates from institutes & universities in India participated in the 5-day program.

The workshop was organised by Prof. G Ambika and Dr Arunima Banerjee from IISER Tirupati and Prof Ranjeev Misra from IUCAA Pune.


Lecture Session

Hands-on Session

Poster Session

Panel Discussion


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