Center for Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Sciences & Technologies

A Joint Initiative of IIT Tirupati and IISER Tirupati




01 October 2022

Third colloquium by Prof. Jan Michael Rost (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden) of CAMOST's Second Anniversary Colloquium Series on 01st October 2022. Details can be found on the CAMOST CS page.

10 September 2022

CAMOST's Second Anniversary Colloquium Series Starting on 10th September 2022. Details can be found on the CAMOST CS page.

21 February 2022

Python code mentioned in the article "A primer on path integrals , Aharonov - Bohm effect and the geometric phase " by P. C. Deshmukh , Subham Ghosh , Uday Kumar, C. Hareesh, and G. Aravind in "The Physics Educator" (March 2022; is available [here]

17 November 2021

CAMOST Webinar: Dr. Reetesh Kumar Gangwar, Department of Physics, IIT Tirupati

Title: Spectroscopic diagnostic of argon rotating gliding discharges [Abstract]

29 October 2021

CAMOST Webinar: Dr. Sudipta Dutta, Department of Physics, IISER Tirupati

Title: Tunable Magnetic States in Two-Dimensional Materials [Abstract]

16-20 August 2021

The Center for Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Sciences & Technologies (CAMOST), a joint initiative of the IIT Tirupati and the IISER Tirupati, was inaugurated on the eve of the 73rd anniversary of India's Independence Day by Dr. Arabinda Mitra (Scientific Secretary, Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India). To commemorate the nucleation of CAMOST, we conducted CAMOST ANNIVERSARY WEEK COLLOQUIUM SERIES from 16-20 August 2021. Please see the menu CAMOST CS for details.

19-30 July 2021

A short online course on 'Introduction to Quantum Optics': Professor Sonjoy Majumder, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.

The brochure for the course can be found here: [Brochure].

The registration is free, but mandatory. Detailed schedule and virtual classroom link will be shared with the registered participants. Please register using the link: Registration form.

The lectures and tutorials are available on YouTube.

18 July 2021

Professor Peter Bruggeman (University of Minnesota) joins CAMOST as a scientific advisory committee member.

25 March 2021

CAMOST Webinar: Dr. Ananad Kumar Jha, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Title: Partial coherence: Applications in quantum state measurement, imaging and communication [Abstract]

19 February 2021

CAMOST Webinar: Dr Padmabati Mondal, IISER Tirupati

Title: Photophysics and photochemistry of Indole and Indole derivatives: A quantum chemical study [Abstract]

14-18 December 2020

CAMOST to host AAMOS20: Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Sciences 2020 — An International Web-based Conference, with sliding time-table to enable global participation. Please visit the website for details.

19 November 2020

CAMOST Webinar: Dr S Sunil Kumar, IISER Tirupati

Title: A novel experimental approach to probe the effect of environment on fluorescence properties of molecular ions [Abstract]

22 October 2020

Mrs Aarthi Ganesan, Dr Sourav Banerjee, Professor Pranawa C Deshmukh, and Professor Steven T Manson published the fourth CAMOST paper in the Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.

15 October 2020

CAMOST Webinar: Dr Rajib Biswas, IIT Tirupati

Title: Theoretical Spectroscopy: From Proton Transfer to Hydrophobic Hydration [Abstract]

30 September 2020

Professor P C Deshmukh delivers a keynote talk (Watch it here) on 'Scattering Time Delay in Quantum Information Processing' at Fundamental Sciences & Quantum Technologies using Atomic Systems (FSQT) 2020, a four-day online summit conducted in honor of Professor Bhanu Pratap Das on his 65th birthday.

24 September 2020

Ms Roshni W Pereira and Dr Raghunath O Ramabhadran published the third CAMOST paper in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A.

04 September 2020

A team consisting of Dr Reetesh Kumar Gangwar, Dr Arijit Sharma, and Dr Shihabudheen M Maliyekkal (Civil & Environmental Engineering, IIT Tirupati) have developed a hybrid sterilization system consisting of a UV radiation cavity, cold plasma, and H2O2 spray. Dr Vasudharani Devanathan (IISER Tirupati) will assist the IIT Tirupati team in evaluating the sterilizing efficiency of the portable unit. Dr R Jyaprada (MD Microbiology, SVIMS hospital, Tirupati) will also test the system's effectiveness in the SVIMS microbiology laboratory. Read the news here.

01 September 2020

Dr Rajib Biswas and Mr Kambham Devendra Reddy published the first CAMOST paper in the Journal of Chemical Physics.

Ms Salvi M, Dr Raghunath O Ramabhadran, and Dr S Sunil Kumar published the second CAMOST paper in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A.

14 August 2020

CAMOST was inaugurated by Dr Arabinda Mitra. More than 100 participants including many distritinguished members of the scientific organizing committee, and several faculty members from IISER Trupati and IIT Tirupati attended the meeting via Google Meet.


CAMOST Inaguration Program

20 March 2019

The proposal to establish CAMOST as a joint-initiative of IIT Tirupati and IISER Tirupati was accepted by the Directors of both the institutes.