Women Cell IISER Tirupati

The Women's Cell of IISER Tirupati consists of the following members

  1. Dr. R. Lakshmi Lavanya, Assistant Professor - Chair
  2. Dr Arunima Banerjee, Assistant Professor - Member
  3. Dr. Saikranthi, Assistant Professor - Member
  4. Dr. Chitrasen Jena, Assistant Professor - Member
  5. Mrs. Nimmy K Prasad, Nurse - Member
  6. Assistant Registrar (Academics) - Member
  7. Deputy Registrar/ Assistant Registrar (Administration) - Member
The terms of reference of the Women's Cell are as follows
  • identify and suggest measures to ensure the welfare and safety of women on campus.
  • Create awareness among students, faculty and staff.
  • Recommend measures to sensitize IISER staff on gender issues.
  • Investigate complaints of gender harassment and recommend appropriate action.
Members of the institute who face any difficulties or harrassment in this regard are encouraged to seek redressal by contacting members of the cell in person or by phone.

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