Dibyendu Das


Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry, IISER Tirupati

Email: dasd [AT] iisertirupati.ac.in

Phone: +91 877 2500 413

Laboratory Webpage

Research Interests

  • Amyloid Materials: The struggle of weak forces creates some of the most robust functional structures known in Nature-taking a leaf out of Nature’s book, soft nanostructures with patterned cross β-facets will be created with properties resonating with diverse fields.

  • Dynamic Nanoparticles: Self-constructing peptide lipid chimeras capable of accessing diverse nanophases will be designed. These dynamic nanostructures connected by a network of thermodynamic equilibria will be scored for unique emergent properties.

  • Functional Soft-Nanocomposites: Soft materials will be fabricated from unique molecular Lego pieces encoded (installed) with specific moieties for diverse functions: from energy transfer to enzyme matrices.

Educational and Professional Career

  • Ph.D (November, 2010): Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata, India

  • Postdoctoral Researcher (December, 2010 - May, 2013): Department of Chemistry, Emory University, USA

  • DST-INSPIRE Faculty (May, 2013 - August, 2015): Institute of Nanoscience and Technology (INST), Mohali, India

  • Assistant Professor (August, 2015 ~): Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Tirupati, India

Honours and Awards

  • DST-INSPIRE Faculty Award from DST, Govt. of India (February, 2013).


  • DST-Nano Mission Research Grant from DST, Govt. of India (March, 2016).

  • DBT-Nanobiotechnology Grant from DBT, Govt. of India (June, 2016).

  • DST-INSPIRE Faculty Grant from DST, Govt. of India (February, 2013).

Selected Publications

  • Nidhi Kapil, Ashmeet Singh, Manish Singh and Dibyendu Das*, "Efficient MoS2 Exfoliation by Cross β -Amyloid Nanotubes for Multistimuli Responsive and Biodegradable Aqueous Dispersions", Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 55, 7772 (2016).

  • Nidhi Kapil, Ashmeet Singh and Dibyendu Das*, "Cross-β Amyloid Nanohybrids Loaded With Cytochrome C Exhibit Superactivity in Organic Solvents", Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 54, 6492 (2015).

  • Sayanti Brahmachari, Dibyendu Das, Anshupriya Shome and Prasanta Kumar Das, "SingleWalled Nanotube/Amphiphile Hybrids for Efficacious Protein Delivery: Rational Modification of Dispersing Agents", Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 50, 11243 (2011).

  • Dibyendu Das, Subhabrata Maiti, Sayanti Brahmachari, Prasanta Kumar Das, "Refining Hydrogelator Design: Soft Materials with Improved Gelation Ability, Biocompatibility and Matrix for in situ Synthesis of Specific Shaped GNP", Soft Matter 7, 7291 (2011).

  • Dibyendu Das, Sangita Roy, Sisir Debnath, Prasanta Kumar Das, "Surfactant Stabilized Small Hydrogel Particles in Oil: Hosts for Remarkable Activation of Enzymes in Organic Solvents", Chem. Eur. J. 16, 4911 (2010).


  • CHM-111: General Chemistry (Undergraduate)

  • CHM-122: General Chemistry Lab (Undergraduate)

  • CHM-222: Inorganic Chemistry Lab (Undergraduate)

Open Positions

  • Advt. No. 08/2016 - Recruitment for the post of " Project Assistant/Fellow" under funded project.
    Walk-in Interview on August 31, 2016.
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  • Due to many recently awarded grants, there are few open positions in my group. Please click here for details.

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